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Eric's Car Care - Two Convenient
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Eric's Car Care - Two Convenient </br> Locations In Rice Village And Med. CenterAuto Repair | Erics Car Care

With exceptional services and quality from Eric’s Car Care, it only makes sense to use top-quality products. BG provides high-quality automotive maintenance services for fuel systems, engines, transmissions, brakes, power steering, cooling, battery, driveline, and climate control systems. Eric’s is proud to pour BG.

Our BG Product Services

Signs on when to come in:

Poor fuel economy

Power loss

Rough idle

Hard starting


Increased emissions

Irregular performance

Excessive oil loss

BG Product Features

Cleans fuel injectors

Cleans throttle body

Cleans plenum and air intake

Cleans intake valves and ports

Removes combustion chamber deposits

Corrects balance of fuel and air in system


Restored fuel efficiency

Better performance

Restored power

Reduced harmful emissions

What Clients Say About Us

Experience the exceptional car care services provided by our experts, as proven by our loyal customers who repeatedly choose us for their automotive needs.

When Should You Schedule A Maintenance Service?

Trust our experts to guide you on scheduling your routine maintenance services at the optimal time

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Our Services

Our automotive services are designed to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely on the road. Here's a list of what we offer.