Preventative Maintenance for High Mileage Cars You Must Know

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Preventative Maintenance for High Mileage Cars You Must Know

Preventative Maintenance for High Mileage Cars

If you have a vehicle with more than 100,000 miles (about 160934.4 km), you are not alone. Many people have such cars because they have kept them for a long time or use them on a daily basis. These vehicles can be used for a long time by following preventative maintenance for high mileage cars services.  

Old cars or more driven cars need more maintenance than new ones. So, if you want to keep your car working for a long time, you need regular maintenance services. With maintenance, a car can work like a new one. Regular maintenance helps people avoid vehicle problems and save a lot of money on costly repairs and replacements. However, there is no secret that keeps cars in good condition except for maintenance. If you want to maintain your car for a long time, here are some preventative tips you must consider. 

Change Engine Oil  

People who have cars have to change their oil on a frequent basis. But many people neglect its maintenance, and avoiding oil change for a long time can harm the engine’s health. If you want your car to be in good condition, change the engine oil when it is scheduled. Most manufacturers recommend changing the oil after every 5000 to 6000 miles. But every car is different, so the mileage depends on the car type. Additionally, the quality of the oil is essential. If engine oil is good quality, the engine will function properly and give good performance.  

Moreover, it is better to use high-mileage oil. They are specially designed for old engines that reduce the wear of the engine. High-mileage oil is an excellent help in boosting performance and provides extra protection to the engine. You can use high-mileage oil on your vehicle after consulting an auto repair shop. 

Top Off Vehicle Fluid  

In a vehicle, different fluids need to be topped off. Just like engine oil, fluid should be full for a smooth drive. In vehicle fluid, it includes coolant fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. To ensure car safety and performance, make it your habit to check it regularly and refill it when it is needed.  

However, if you experience any leakage in your tank, make sure to replace it. Moreover, you need to check the composition of the fluid. You must change it if it has changed color or is thicker than before. 

Meet Service Schedule  

Preventative Maintenance for High Mileage Cars You Must Know

Just like the body, vehicles need complete checkups to ensure everything functions properly. Regular maintenance helps in maintaining the condition of the car. Getting services from an automobile shop will completely examine your car with the latest equipment. After identifying faults, they will fix them in the start before they become serious in the future. Faults untreated in the start may result in costly repair and replacement. Therefore, stick to the maintenance service schedule if you want to maintain your car’s performance.  

At Eric’s Car Care, you can get your maintenance services from our certified technician. They will thoroughly inspect your car’s suspension, tires, fluid level, belts, lights, battery, and more.

Take Care of Tires 

For a smooth drive, make sure to take care of the tires. Make sure they are rotating correctly and wheel alignment is on point. Many people avoid wheel alignment until they start facing issues in moving the car in any direction. If your car pulls in one direction after leaving the steering, it means your wheels are misaligned. In wheel alignment, the technician will adjust the angles, suspension, and steering wheel.  

Check the Tire Pressure  

Many people, after changing tires, take their maintenance for granted. A car can’t move without tires; it needs proper care to work properly. To extend the lifespan of tires and better handling, you should maintain air pressure in them. You can check the user manual to know about its air pressure. If you don’t have one, you can consult your mechanic.  

Regular Car Wash 

To make your car look presentable, wash your car from inside and outside. A neat and clean car not only looks good but preserves the car’s condition. Washing your car frequently helps to protect its paint and rust. Thorough cleaning of the car from inside reduces the chances of storing dust. Due to dust, many people feel suffocated and get allergic. To avoid any breathing issues in the car, it is better to clean your car frequently.

Take Care of the Vehicle’s Battery  

You need complete maintenance to avoid issues and repair to maintain a high-mileage vehicle. A car battery is an important component of the car. Without a battery, a car won’t start and go anywhere. Taking care of the battery is essential for high-mileage cars to function. Make sure to take care of the battery and clean your battery frequently.  

If you find any corrosion on the battery and on its cables, clean it completely. Moreover, you need to check the electrolyte level. Add distilled water to top off the level if you find it less.  

Additionally, you can buy a battery monitor to monitor the voltage it gives to the car. If you find any issue, take your car to an automobile shop to fix the issue. 

Clean Fuel System of the Vehicle  

To maintain your old car, don’t forget the fuel system. Make sure to clean your fuel system for better functioning and fuel efficiency. With time, the fuel injector and tank get clogged with debris. Due to debris it blocks fuel supply to the engine, which puts more force on the engine. To avoid engine bad performance and overheating, ensure the fuel injectors are clean and functioning correctly.  

Contact Eric’s Car Care for Vehicle Maintenance 

Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips were helpful for your vehicle’s long life span and better performance. If you want to maintain your car of the highest quality, contact us at 713-352-8058.

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