What Are Causes of Car AC Compressor Failure?

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What Are Causes of Car AC Compressor Failure?

What Are Causes of Car AC Compressor Failure?

Due to changes in weather, the heat and humidity can badly affect the car’s cooling system. Especially in summer, it is unbearable to drive a vehicle with a poor AC system. Car cooling systems are an essential component that needs to be in good condition for a comfortable drive. It is essential to maintain the car AC compressor to avoid any inconvenience while driving. To maintain the cooling system, you must know what are causes of car AC compressor failure.  

Because of different driving conditions or lack of maintenance, the AC may experience different issues, and the costly one is AC compressor failure. The failure of the AC compressor will affect the whole cooling system, which will make your drive unpleasant. In this blog, you’ll learn the causes of failing AC compressors. 

Clogged Evaporator  

With time, the evaporator of the cooling system clogged with dirt and dust. For a sound cooling system, it is essential to clean the evaporator coils. The debris and dirt can create a blockage that can result in overheating and, ultimately, the failure of the compressor.   

Uncleaned Condenser 

The proper cleaning of the cooling system is vital for good performance. If the condenser stores dust and dirt, the cooling system will stop working correctly. The cooling system will require more force to work, which will result in costly repairs and replacements. 

Electrical Failure  

Due to a poor supply of electricity, it can do significant damage to the cooling system. It stores acids in the compressor that result in a failed AC compressor. Car AC repair in Houston will thoroughly examine the AC system, and if they find electrical burnout, they will fix it.  

Mostly it happens because of a damaged fuse, wiring, or any connector that connects the AC to the car. This issue can be preventable at the start, but if left untreated, it can become the reason for AC compressor failure.

Low Refrigerant Charge  

What Are Causes of Car AC Compressor Failure?

In the lines of a refrigerator, if there are cracks or holes, it means it leaks the cooling. In the compressor, there should be a maintained level of refrigerant charge. Due to leakage, the level starts getting low, which can badly affect the compressor. The compressor has to work hard to pump the refrigerant into the system, which can cause compressor breakdown.   

Clogged Suction Lines 

When there is a blockage in the refrigerant lines, it will stop the passage of cooling. The first symptom you will experience is poor cooling of your car AC. If this issue doesn’t get fixed on time, it can increase temperature which will result in overheating. 

Less Oil Lubricant  

For a good cooling system, AC oil lubricant is essential for it. If it doesn’t have enough lubricant in the system, it will not work correctly, which can cause different problems. Make sure to check your cooling system oil to know the lubricant of the car.  

Always maintain your car with a reliable mechanic who ensures everything is level. For complete maintenance services, Eric’s Car Care has experienced mechanics to fix different car issues.  

Symptoms Of AC Compressor Failure 

Strange Sounds from the Cooling System  

When you turn on your car’s AC and experience different types of sounds from it, it is a sign that your AC compressor is about to fail. In a compressor, there are different components. When one of them breaks or stops working, it produces weird sounds.  

Leakage of Fluid 

One of the important symptoms of compressor failure is that you experience leakage from the refrigerant or fluid of the cooling system. The leakage of fluid can be fixed, but if it is ignored for a long time, it can cause compressor failure.  

Less or No Cooling of AC 

The most evident symptom of the compressor is experiencing less cooling than before or no cooling. When the AC compressor starts feeling, it no longer provides cooling. The absence of a cooling effect in the air means that your AC has stopped working and it starts throwing heat air. To avoid any inconvenience, it is better to get it checked immediately. 

The Bottom Line  

Poor cooling systems can make the driving experience unpleasant. Especially in summer, it can be challenging to drive a car. With proper maintenance, you can maintain your compressor, and it can be used for a longer time. Make sure you choose a mechanic who can do your car maintenance properly so you can avoid any uneven breakdown of car components. For more information, you can contact us at 713-352-8058.

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