Signs Your European Automobile Needs a Fuel Injector Cleaning

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Signs Your European Automobile Needs a Fuel Injector Cleaning

Signs Your European Automobile Needs a Fuel Injector Cleaning

As a car expert you may be aware that the majority of vehicles fabricated since the 1980s are equipped with engines which rely on fuel injectors.

Without it, your car would be unable to provide the powerful performance it is meant to deliver.

The most basic function of the fuel injector is to deliver the required amount of fuel to the engine, hence, the proper combustion of fuel.

This must be done in a timely manner to maintain a perfect experience that is not hindered by any faults.

The injector is part of a component that contains the proper air-to-fuel mixture. It sprays fuel through the nozzle and into the engine.

This is one of the essential components of your vehicle. Any issues with the fuel injector can cause many problems with other parts.

If you want to know whether your car engine is having any problem with the fuel injector and also seek easy solutions, read this blog. 

The fuel injectors are integral components that control the performance of an engine, but other issues can also result in a reduced performance of a vehicle.

Indeed, if you find yourself struggling with your car, just go for any reliable European auto repair service company.

The Working of the Fuel Injector

Let’s have a closer look inside the engine compartment and study how fuel injectors work. 

The duties of the injector is to see to it that the engine receives the required fuel amounts. On top of that, it also considers other parameters such as fuel quantity and its concentration.

The electronic component with the name Engine Control Unit (ECU) is the digital component that is present in today’s vehicles and monitors and controls lots of other individual parts, such as fuel injectors.

Using sensors the ECU detects the requirement for fuel supply to the engine and regulates the delivery as well.

What Makes The Fuel Injectors Clogged? 

The clogged fuel injectors are a big problem as they can hinder fuel from reaching the intake manifold.

You may damage the fuel injectors of your automobile if you let it rest for quite some time.

The fuel is contaminated with deposits, impurities, and contaminants that lead to clogging of the injectors or their filter baskets.

The fuel injector can become clogged by the contamination of the sludge accumulated in the filtration basket or the injector itself which in turn affects the normal flow of the fuel.

As long as the injectors themselves or the filter basket is not cleaned up, none of the injectors cleaner or fuel additive can help solve the problem.

The only and the best way to clean out a clogged fuel injector is by taking it out from the engine and professionally cleaning it.

How Do Fuel Injectors Get Dirty?

Hydrocarbons and contaminants already exist in today’s oil, and therefore, fuel injectors may become dirty due to these compounds, engine sludge, and carbon deposits. These compounds may encrust fuel injectors.

The fuel flow rate, atomization, and delivery of the injector may be affected, resulting in a variety of performance and fuel economy problems.

The pumping action of the fuel injectors implies friction which consequently, produces large quantities of heat. When the fuel injectors are heated then they won’t be able to spray the correct amount of fuel. 

Signs Your European Automobile Needs a Fuel Injector Cleaning

Signs You Need to Look Out If Your Fuel Injectors are Dirty 

Misfiring Engine:

The grime or debris accumulated in the fuel injectors can be the reason for the engine to misfire. How do you exactly know whether you have a misfire? 

It is like stuttering or shaking. You will notice the car’s engine will not run correctly and will harm the car’s performance. 

In the worst cases, it feels like you are in a wash machine and are being tossed from one side to the other in your seat or even off the table if you are not strapped down. 

Misfiring happens when your injectors are not able to put the required amount fuel on the engine.

Rough Idling:

Are you experiencing more than the typical revs while staying still? Is your engine emitting a noise that is not like the continuous humm it is supposed to have? These are symptoms that an injector is blocked. 

When gas levels get lower than the amount needed for idling, the car will shudder.

Check Engine Light:

Warning lights included in the dashboard for the car owner should be taken seriously. 

In most cases, they indicate any problem with the engine. When the check engine light is turned on then there might be some underlying problem with the fuel injectors. Visit any auto repair workshop to get the issue diagnosed. 


To make sure that your car is running perfectly fine, you should work on its routine maintenance. European cars need more care than the others that’s why you need to stay on top with preventive maintenance. 
If you are facing any problems with your car then don’t delay and visit Erics Car Care for professional diagnosis. Contact us today at 713-352-8058.

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