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When it comes to your car, you want the best. At Eric's car care, that means you deserve the best. Our technicians are trained to handle your car's needs, from air conditioner repairs to belt replacements. We're here for you when your car needs us most.

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To maintain optimal driving dynamics, follow the suggested service intervals in your vehicle's owner's manual. To maintain your car's mint condition, maintain proper tire pressure, inspect your vehicle for signs of wear, and don't ignore signs of trouble if you notice them.

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Everything will be handled by the ASE-certified team at Eric's Car Care. Our preventative maintenance services include oil changes, wheel alignments, fluid changes, brake pad replacements, filter replacements, tune-ups, tire rotations, and balances.

Car pulls to one side when you steer straight

The maintenance of your vehicle is essential whether you're driving to Texas Orthopedic Hospital for work or to the Houston Zoo on a Sunday afternoon. It ensures your safety at all times.

We guarantee same-day turnaround

Bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop for any maintenance you need. With zero issues, we can complete it in record time!

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Diminished electric functions


Old age


Slower engine crank


Corroded terminals


Clicking noise when turning the key

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