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Eric's Car Care in Houston, TX, helps put your mind at ease. Check engine lights indicate that your car needs maintenance. By 1996, all cars had onboard computers that read trouble codes and displayed them to the driver. With the help of our OBD-II computer system, our mechanics can quickly and efficiently diagnose what's wrong with your car, and they'll use their technical skills to find the best solution.

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Check Engine Light

Multiple reasons can cause the check engine light. Often, a loose gas cap is to blame. Onboard computers send trouble codes if you don't tighten them properly after fueling up. You likely have a more severe problem if the check engine light stays on:

Vehicle Repairs

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ASE-certified technician

an ASE-certified technician will describe all the issues in detail, or even show you in person. We’ll also give you a cost estimate for any repairs we recommend. You’ll make the ultimate decision before we get started.

We never settle for anything less than long-lasting

We never settle for anything less than long-lasting repairs completed by experienced technicians. Our services include repairs and maintenance on your entire vehicle, from bumper to bumper.

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