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Your Exhaust System and 
Its Possible Problems

Most people think of the muffler when thinking of an exhaust system. Additionally, automakers have developed new and more sophisticated exhaust systems to increase efficiency, reduce noise, and limit emissions. Mufflers, pipes, and catalytic converters reduce pollution in your exhaust system. In general, exhaust systems are resilient, and problems with them usually indicate that something else is wrong. Nevertheless, exhaust problems should be monitored closely.


ASE-certified technicians at Eric's car care are well-versed in exhaust and muffler problems and their solutions. All major makes and models can benefit from our exhaust services, from baffled chambered mufflers to sound-absorbing mufflers. You can also have your catalytic converter diagnosed if your engine is skipping or other problems occur. You can count on our team to help you resolve any exhaust problem.

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When people think of a car’s exhaust system

they usually think of the muffler. But there are other components to the exhaust system, and over the years, automakers have developed more and more sophisticated ways to increase efficiency, reduce noise, and limit emissions.

Your exhaust system includes

Your exhaust system includes your muffler, piping, and a catalytic converter, which reduces pollution. Generally speaking, exhaust systems are resilient, and problems that arise with them are often a sign that something else in the vehicle isn’t working properly.

Signs of an exhaust 
system or muffler 


Excessive loud noises while driving


Gasoline odors


Decrease in fuel efficiency


Decrease in acceleration or power


Engine misfires

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