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Our Eric's Car Care team is ready to help you through this process in Houston, TX. State inspections and repairs are available at our shop to help you pass your tests. We have mechanics who are familiar with all the requirements by Texas to pass the inspection. We perform emissions testing and safety inspections to ensure a smooth tag renewal process.

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Our oil and filter changes are second nature at Eric's car care. The oil level will be topped off, and the oil filter will be replaced. We will also provide a complimentary courtesy inspection at that time, where our experienced auto technicians will visually inspect your vehicle's major and minor systems.

Benefits of oil 
changes include

All automobiles produce pollution. you can reduce the harm you do to the environment by getting your oil changed regularly, as clean oil doesn’t burn.

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Improves gas mileage

Friction from engine moving parts slows your vehicle down. Cleaner oil reduces friction, which ensures less resistance while driving.

Prevents sludge buildup

Oil is accumulated with debris and dirt. While your oil filters are designed to prevent sludge, some particles will slip through. Clean oil keeps your engine running smoothly and efficiently.

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At Eric's car care, we know oil and filter changes like the back of our hand. We will refill your oil levels and replace your oil filter.


At that time, we will also offer a complimentary courtesy inspection to review the health and safety of your vehicle

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