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Steering And Suspension

Eric's Car Care recommends regularly inspecting the steering and suspension. By checking the efficiency of both systems, routine inspections guarantee road safety. It is best to have both inspected when your tires are changed, the brake system is serviced, and during regular maintenance when the parts are accessible.

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What Do the Steering and 
Suspension Systems Do?

Steering and suspension operate in synchrony to guarantee a controlled ride. A smooth and stable ride is made possible by the suspension system, which is located under the undercarriage of your car. It supports and absorbs the weight of the car. The steering system regulates directional control, enabling the driver to move the car in any direction. The steering system is connected to the suspension, which allows you to maintain control even when driving on rough terrain. Proper wheel alignment is also essential, as both systems are attached to the wheels. If your alignment is off, you won't have any control over your steering or suspension. The steering and suspension systems directly impact stability and comfortable driving dynamics.

How We Can Help

Our ASE-certified power steering technicians at Eric's car care can assess the condition of your power steering system and perform a power steering fluid flush if necessary to restore its functionality. We provide new steering fluids that meet the manufacturer's standards using BG power steering fluid and system cleaners. Our professionals can provide repair options if your power steering belt or pump has another, more severe problem.

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A car’s steering and suspension are separate

We know everything there is to know about steering and suspension systems at Eric's Car Care. Our expertise includes inspections, troubleshooting, and expert repairs or replacements. The steering system contains many significant components, such as tie rods, racks and pinions, center links, and fluids. Sway bars, bearings, springs, ball joints, and bushings are all part of the suspension we can service.

Steering system is the directional control component

A comprehensive warranty covers every job we perform for three years/36,000 miles. All your car needs can be met in one place, and our team will work hard to make your car rerun like new.

When to Visit for Steering 
and Suspension Service


The wheel is hard to turn or won't turn


Shaking and vibrating your steering wheel


The vehicle keeps pulling to one side


Grinding and squeaking while turning the wheel

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