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Eric's Auto Care in Houston, TX, provides ASE-Certified transmission repair services. Your transmission keeps your car moving and driving smoothly. The transmission determines how well your car can change gears. Bring your transmission to our professionals to diagnose and repair it if you suspect something is wrong. Our services include transmission and replacement, driveline maintenance and repair, clutch and differential repair, and clutch and differential replacement.

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Types of Transmission 
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Engines run at thousands of RPMs, putting them under considerable strain, and the transmission significantly helps your engine work smarter instead of harder.

Signs of Transmission 

Did you know your transmission may be giving you a clue it’s not working properly? If your car has an automatic transmission, keep an eye out for grinding or shaking while in gear

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You may notice a leak when changing gears. If you drive an automatic, it might be a shifter cable or valve body. Slipping gears on your stick shift means the components are worn or contaminated. One of these issues will light up the trouble codes in your car's computer. We have OBD-II computers to read your car's trouble codes.

Burning metal and rubber should not be smelled as you drive. Metal parts in the transmission grind together because of low fluid or a leak. A long-term problem could cause your vehicle to catch fire. Do not ignore any unusual odors. Your transmission is in good hands with our technicians.

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We invite you to our auto shop serving Med. Center for expert transmission repair. Our job is to ensure your safety and the operation of your vehicle with professional car care.


We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and technology, and we follow all industry guidelines for precise workmanship

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