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Don't Fall into These 5 BMW Maintenance Traps - Expert Tips

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Apr 02 2024


Owning a powerful European car, such as a BMW, can be very exciting. Everyone loves the design and performance of a BMW. It is true that the performance of a BMW can not be understated, but some mechanics may want to play a trick on you by trying to make you pay for unnecessary repairs. In this post, we will discuss what common tricks mechanics might play on you and why you should only rely on reputable European auto repair services for the maintenance of your BMW. 

The Allure of European Engineering:

European cars are known to have outstanding engineering, advanced features and powerful capabilities thanks to the manufacturers' passion for innovation. Nevertheless, these complexities are also an edge (or sword) for repairs when it comes to fixing. Some infamous mechanics use the complexity of European cars to pressure the owner to do repairs that are not needed, which is possible because the owner does not know technical knowledge.

What Tactics Mechanics Apply: 

Over diagnosing and Overselling

Although the good mechanics tend to be different from the unethical ones, they are one type of those mechanics that aim to overdiagnoses or exaggerate the condition of a problem. Owners may bring their BMW in for a regular service and end up getting an endless list of things that might be wrong with their vehicle, requiring urgent attention now. It can extend from the smallest flaws to the entire exaggerated problems about the tangibility of components.

Genuine Parts vs . Overpriced Replacements:

European automakers will usually put their reputation on the line and require the use of genuine parts during repairs, stressing the need for preserving the vehicle's integrity. There are times when some mechanics will sell you the same low-quality after-market parts as the genuine ones, which are more expensive. It is hazardous to the quality of the job and allows the prices to go up.

Lack of Transparency:

Communication plays crucial role in any service related industry and the auto repair is one of them. As some mechanics take advantage of the owners’ inadequate technical knowledge to provide vague explanations or omit the important details about repair works. The absence of transparency permits the owners to accept the services that they don't need.

Excessive Brake Pad Replacements:

Don't Fall into These 5 BMW Maintenance Traps - Expert Tips
Brake pads are the most critical component for your safety, and it is suggested that you change them at the time of their disintegration. Nevertheless, some mechanics may suggest to a number of replacements that exceed the actual needs. Generally, the braking systems of BMWs are designed with high-performance brake pads meant to undergo wear and tear for extended periods of time. 
Instead of strictly following the timeline, I suggest you to get your brakes pads checked to check for the thickness and follow the guidelines in your owner's manual. Regular checking routine maintenance is the best way you can tell when replacement of pads becomes inevitable, which will protect you from needless and early repairs.

Premature Spark Plug Changes:

Spark plugs are the main components that produce the spark in the fuel air mixture in each cylinder, which is responsible for the fuel's efficient combustion. Yes, it is true that spark plugs are prone to wearing out little by little and require replacement after some time. However, in the case of some unscrupulous mechanics, the spark plugs might be replaced more often than is actually required. Among the advanced features of modern BMWs are high-end iridium or platinum spark plugs that have longer shelf life. It is very important to consult the manual of your vehicle for the recommended replacement period. The right way to follow the guidelines from the manufacturer is to evade premature spark plug changes and the expenditures associated with them while also maintaining high engine performance.

Fluid Flushes:

Routine service repairs, which include a variety of fluids, such as transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid, are also often performed by mechanics at mechanic shops. 
Nevertheless, the suggested number of times, in which these flushes occur might not always reflect the real needs of your BMW. Nowadays, a lot of BMW relied on long-lived, high-quality fluids that do not need to be changed quite often. 
Always check your owner's manual for exact manufacturer recommendations on the replacement fluid replenishment schedule. 

Overpriced Software Updates:

BMW cars are designed with the highest technology and electronics that make them be programmed periodically to ensure high performance, fuel efficiency, and smooth functioning.
On one side, software updates should be up to date due to its importance, but the mechanics may try to abuse the lack of familiarity with technical matters and recommend a more frequent update, often at a high premium.
One of these circumstances is when a mechanic tells you to upgrade the software in order to resolve relatively minor problems or to add features that will not be critical in your driving but would just improve your experience.

  • Verify Necessity:

It is essential to know what the software update will fix before updating any software, so find out the detailed information about that. It could be reasonable to defer the reboot if the problems that the user mentioned do not affect the performance and safety of the vehicle.

  • Consult Authorized Dealerships or Specialists: 

In case of software related questions, it is better to ask the BMW authorized dealers or the expert technicians who are reliable.They are the ones who ascertain whether the change is mandatory, and if so, a fair price will be set for access to the service.

Unwanted Air Filter Replacements:

Air filters are ubiquitous components of an engine that make sure that clean air enters the combustion chamber during fuel combustion and engine running. 
While regular air filter replacements are an area of necessity, some mechanics could suggest changing them more often than needed, which, therefore, would result in more expenditures for BMW owners.


Make sure to go through your owner's manual of BMW, take the opinions of multiple trusted professionals, and use the online communities in order to make smart choices concerning the maintenance of your vehicle.
When it comes to choosing a service partner for your BMW with whom you can rely on to do a reliable job, Eric's Car Repair stands out as a symbol of trustworthiness and expertise. 
To be on par with the manufacturer's standards, Eric's Car Repair team of BMW experts, who are also quite skilled in this field, not only adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines but also use their experience and skills to give personalized service at the same time. Contact us today at 713-352-8058 to stay top-of-the-line with your car maintenance.

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