Unveiling the Most Reported BMW Problems by Model

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Unveiling the Most Reported BMW Problems by Model

Unveiling the Most Reported BMW Problems by Model

BMWs are famous for their elegance, speed, and comfort. Even though a BMW is a recognized high-level luxury car, it does have a couple of the most commonly appearing problems that a reputable European auto repair service must take into account and fix if they are discovered.

Resolving difficulties with BMW can seem as really hard and dreadful. If you happen to be on your way in your Beemer, and then the threatening “Check Engine” light comes on, everyone would panic.

This blog post will be focused on some of the basic problems owed by BMW car owners.

Most Reported BMW Problems 

Oil Leaks

Despite the fact that it is not a problem with the newer versions of BMW, oil leaks are the most common problem you may face with BMWs. Occasionally, oil leaks from the valve corners or transmission are noticed in BWM.

It may be because of a malfunctioning fuel pump. Oil leaks in BMW cars often show themselves as a pool of oil under the front.


Always check the engine for oil leaks and immediately take the necessary measures, like replacing worn gaskets or seals once the leak is found. 

Make sure that the oil swaps are performed at the scheduled times using the top-grade oil and filters. 

It is a good idea to make sure the oil level is checked on a regular basis to catch any leaks in the beginning.

Shaking Steering Wheel

The 3-series BMW is known as the model with this issue. In time, the wheel may begin to shake or be shaky when the brakes are applied. 

This is a very annoying and very risky problem as all it may take is a moment of inattention to cause an accident. 

It is a general circumstance that the unstable steering wheel in a BMW 3-series is a manifestation of the thrush arm bush problems. 

The thrush arm bushing is a suspension part that is frequently the cause of breakdowns at about 75,000 miles.

Unveiling the Most Reported BMW Problems by Model


Set the inspections of suspension and steering parts among control arms, bushings, and tie rods as a regular routine.

Brittle Valve Cover Gasket

The valve cover gasket forms an integral part of the engine mechanisms of a BMW car. This seal isolates the cylinder head from the valve cover, which is located on the same side. 

However, with time, these materials can start to degrade under the influence of high temperatures and the intense pressures of a working machine. 

This might cause them to crack and eventually break down which is the reason why oil leakage happens.

An unchecked leak produced at a damaged seal could spread and spread till key elements move and stay bathed with required lubrication are left without, and thus friction between them increases, speeding up wear while also fro risks of what could be catastrophic damage if the event was left unnoticed for some time.


The oil leak problem with the brittle valve cover gasket can be fixed by using the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) equivalent or the high-quality aftermarket part as a replacement for the gasket. 

One thing to consider when changing the valve cover gasket is to check the valve cover and cylinder heads’ surfaces for any damage or warping, which could impair the sealing ability of the gasket.

Fuel Pump Malfunction

Regardless of which car you drive, the fuel pump is a crucial component that makes sure the right fuel is transported to your car’s engine at the right pressure.

Above all, bad fuel injection systems lead to frequent problems on the road for BMW cars, such as poor acceleration and stalls that cause a lack of fuel supply.

The problem may deteriorate with a faulty fuel pump, which may, in turn, trigger ignition coil failures, further causing misfires in the cylinders. This interruption may cause your car engine to jerk or check that the engine sign turns on.


It is very important to perform regular inspections and replace the fuel system, such as the fuel filter, according to the manufacturer’s specifications in order to prevent problems related to the fuel pump. 

Taking good care of fuel, such as using quality fuel and never running on an empty tank, will also reduce the life of the fuel pump.

Timing Chain Failure

In internal combustion engines like BMWs, the timing chain is one of the most important because it ensures the synchrony of crankshaft rotation with the camshaft operation valve functioning in each cycle of combustion.

This important element could fail due to wear as a result of the motor’s time of use, and it may come to the most destructive result, which is the collision of the pistons inside the cylinder head space. The worst-case scenario would be that the engine loses all functions.


In order to fix timing chain wear or damage, replacement should be made with a thoroughly examined OEM or aftermarket part.

In certain scenarios, the procedure would involve taking out the engine from the vehicle and keeping off the timing chain in proper order.

Door Handle Problems

BMW drivers experienced problems with their door handles, mainly through the BMW X5 SUV. A simple symptom involves the door handle opening or locking without the door literally opening or closing.


Unlike many other issues, which require maintenance, repairs, or upgrades, this common conundrum typically necessitates an entirely new locking mechanism. 

See to it obey the gearbox where it says that it should be only a BMW repair shop, which is an expert in these special tools.

Corrosion of Alloy Wheels

For many BMW car owners, it is BMW alloys they adore. Nevertheless, some cars in the fleet have rust on their wheels, and they are more prone to accelerated corrosion. 

If you want to fix the rust or corrosion, you might find out there is no cure. Bring it to a BMW mechanic to learn what is repairable and how to prevent it.

Don’t visit a car wash that has automatic machines, like those with strong pressure washers that are used to clean the wheels.


BMW is one of the most famous luxury cars. Driving a BMW is enjoyable only if it’s maintained in top-notch condition. To keep your car in top-notch condition, you should schedule maintenance with Erics Car Repair. Call now at 713-352-8058.

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