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Proactive Steps: Protecting Your Vehicle from Transmission Failures

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Jan 30 2024


The vehicle’s transmission is one of the essential components that is important to transfer power to the wheels from the engine. Failure of the car’s transmission is a significant damage that can be very costly. Nobody wants to repair or replace the components of the transmission system.  

However, with proper maintenance and precautions, a person can enhance the lifespan of a vehicle’s transmission. People who don’t take care of the transmission system may end up with multiple problems that can cause great damage to the vehicle’s performance. To protect your vehicle from transmission failures below are the proactive steps. So, let's dive in! 


Avoid Abusive Behavior With Your Vehicle  

Abusive behavior, which includes the abnormal practice of clutch dumps and a less significant form known as clutch drops or neutral dropping, often results in prominent gearbox damage, especially in performance vehicles. This is referred to as a driver races the engine to a higher RPM and thumps it into gear-hard acceleration. 

Even though these are indeed thrilling, such actions contribute significantly to the wear and tear of a vehicle. Eventually, if implemented constantly, it results in complete failure of transmission. Therefore, it is important to avoid harsh driving to extend the lifespan of your transmission system.  


Change Transmission Fluid on Time 

All cars and light trucks have a suggested service schedule that includes flushing or replacing the transmission fluid every 80,00 kilometers. As the transmission fluid becomes older with time, it loses its lubricating capacity. This non-lubrication can cause damage to the gearbox but result in expensive repair and replacement that can disturb your budget.  

Therefore, it is really important to schedule your routine maintenance to get car transmission services.to avoid wear and tear of the car. Maintaining your car not only enhances the performance of your car but keeps it in its position for a long time.  

Proactive Steps: Protecting Your Vehicle from Transmission Failures


Drive Smoothly 

 Another step for keeping your transmission in perfect condition is teaching the right foot to be soft and gentle on the accelerator. With smooth acceleration, your drive becomes more peaceful. At the same time, you save on fuel consumption as well as wear out not only a muffler but even stronger parts of any transmission.

 This is due to the sudden or jerking movements on the accelerator, enhancing the greater chance of stressing out these components. And if you are one of the few people still driving a manual transmission, make sure your gear changes are nice and easy for the same reason. Driving at average speed enhances your safety and your car safety, too! 


Tow With Safety  

Towing by all means is perhaps the hardest thing we drivers could ever make our transmission do. So, if you plan on towing something, make sure that the load is within your car’s tow limit. Because damage due to an overloaded gearbox would be costly. But still, if you want to tow with your car, watch that transmission fluid temperature gauge (if fitted) to prevent overheating it. 

To prevent any additional transmission problems, never let the overheating conditions persist under all circumstances. Overheating indicates that a significant issue may have arisen, and further driving of the vehicle can severely damage its gears. Therefore, it is always important to be gentle with your car. Put pressure that your car can easily bear; otherwise, it will result in transmission failure. Transmission failure will not only affect the performance, but you may face other car issues, too. 


Don’t Ignore Vehicle Problems  

Owners are probably aware that their car has a bad transmission, but they don’t want to take it to the mechanic. They mostly ask how long can you drive with low transmission fluid. However, drivers should understand that even minor transmission issues will likely become bigger problems if they are not addressed immediately. Therefore, the recommended action is to bring your car to the mechanic shop for diagnosis as soon as gearbox issues appear.  

One of the leading causes of transmission failure is that people ignore car problems for a long time. For the time being, you are delaying the repair, but after some time, it will result in costly repairs that will take you enough time and money. Therefore, whenever you experience transmission problems, remember that Erics Car Care is here to help you! 


The Bottom Line  

If your car is having transmission issues and you don’t know what to do. It is essential to get your vehicle checked by an experienced mechanic to avoid further damage to your car. To book your appointment, call us today at 713-352-8058

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