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Signs of Brake Fluid Degradation: How Often Should You Change It?

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Mar 01 2024


Mostly, people avoid maintaining the brake fluid of the car. Poor maintenance of the braking system leads to multiple car issues and fatalities. People assume that brake fluid doesn’t need regular check-ups, but that's not true. To maintain your car from brake issues and failure, in this blog, you’ll learn signs of brake fluid degradation and how often you should change it

Signs You Need To Change Brake Fluid

Below are the signs you must consider to change your vehicle's brake fluid.

The Fluid Color

As to the brake fluid, you need to check up on its condition every couple of years. This is not the case when the fluid does not look transparent and clear. Visit a nearby car brake services if this fluid is dark brown or appears to be dirty.

The blackened appearance of the brake fluid could be caused by the trapped water particles that are absorbed from the environment. The right answer to the question is how one knows the change interval of the brake fluid. It is the simplest; just pay attention to the color of the fluid.

Brake Pedal Feels Spongy

When a brake pedal becomes less or even slightly firm and does not have enough grip, the brakes are known to be “spongy or soft.” This is because the hydraulic pressure system is the most vital part of a car’s brake mechanism. This is a function of the hydraulic brakes by transmitting the brake fluid to the braking systems on all wheels. So, when you experience a problem with the brake pedal, it is time to change the brake fluid. 

Poor Brake Performance

In case of a delay in pedal responsiveness, the most logical thing is to investigate the root causes of the problem. Can you imagine the car being slow in reacting to applying the brakes and it will come to a complete stop after 2-3 pressing times? If so, brake fluid is likely the problem one faces, directly impacting the braking system.

This might occur because of external problems that may invade the brake fluid system, such as air and moisture.

Signs of Brake Fluid Degradation: How Often Should You Change It?

Manufacturer’s Recommendations

The following is the fact that there is a specific manufacturer’s recommendation in the product manual. It is issued along with the product should also be taken note of. Generally speaking, suggested brake fluid replacement is every two years from the manufacturers. However, the 40,000 km is the milestone after which you have to change the fluid.


How Often Do You Need to Replace the Brake Fluid?

It is crucial to keep your brakes clean with fresh fluid because this is necessary for efficient and safe braking. Yet the period of changing your brake fluid is also determined by several variables. For instance, a manufacturer's recommendation and driving conditions. If you tightly stick to these guidelines, you will ensure your brakes function correctly and safely. In turn, it brings with it more confidence on the road.

Manufacturer Recommendations

On average, the brake fluid should be changed every 2 years or 24,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Contrary to this, such does not happen in every vehicle because it depends on the make and model of the vehicle. The brake fluid change frequency can differ more often or less often based on the braking system's particular requirements, according to some manufacturers' recommendations.

The user’s manual may include details related to the manufacturer’s recommendations for your vehicle, or you can also ask a certified mechanic to help you. If followed, these guidelines will prevent you from getting into a situation where your braking system is less than optimal or unsafe.

Driving Conditions

Brake conditions are not the only factors you need to change your brake fluid. However, stresses like stop-and-go traffic or going uphill and downhill can cause an increase in the severity of the abnormal wear and tear pattern on your brakes, especially if it’s an everyday thing.

Examples of driving conditions that may require more frequent brake fluid changes include:

  • Frequent or heavy towing
  • Racing or performance driving
  • Driving in mountainous terrain
  • Frequent stop-and-go traffic

If you want to change your brake fluid by getting a new one according to the driving condition, this can be achieved by consulting with an auto repair shop Houston or by referring to the owner’s manual. Conversely, refraining from constantly checking the brake fluid levels and quality will enhance your ability to determine what time is best for changing. 

Get Your Car Brake Fluid Change At Erics Car Care

If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned signs you need brake services from a well-reputed car repair shop. To book your appointment you can call us at 713-352-8058

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