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The top 5 causes of brake pads wearing unevenly

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Feb 21 2024


Brake pads are an essential element of cars that ensure safety while driving. If your brake pad is in poor condition, you are compromising your safety and engine performance. With time, brake pads start to wear off. However, there are a few causes of brake pads wearing unevenly that you must know. So, let’s dive into the details!

Sticky Caliper Pistons

The presence of varnish or rust on one or more pistons may lead to the calipers sticking. In short, the braking system is not effective if the piston does not move. The usual thing is that the caliper that is stuck wears the brake pads faster. The leading cause of uneven wearing of brake pads is an issue with the caliper. The failure of the caliper to engage means that there is either no pressure being applied to the piston or the pressure being used is not released.

Another one is that the ejecting piston may refuse to return. Either of these symptoms, a banging sound or a soft knock is due to one of the causes. Which are a damaged engine seal, piston, or corrosion on the piston that has caused it to bind against the internal cylinder. Therefore, if this is the problem, the cylinder can be honed, the piston cleaned or replaced, and the seal replaced. Well, it's known as caliper rebuilding, and it is a simple and cheap way to correct the uneven brake pad wear on the car. Nevertheless, the task might take a lot of time if you do not possess the necessary gear or knowledge. The easiest way around this is to simply replace the caliper, which is costlier.


Do you ever wonder why your brakes seem to be wearing faster on one side? However, your car is at risk of an alignment problem. Misalignment is nothing but the main cause of uneven brake pad wear. Misalignment may cause any kind of trouble, and brake pads will just be one of them.

The issue is that not all cars have the alignment right. So, the front wheels end up on one side or the other when you apply the brake. The pads get worn out unevenly. This means that the other reduces pressure faster than the other, and the vehicle will not turn as frequently as you desire. This will lead to friction on the side of your brakes. To fix this issue, you need brake repair services to ensure a better braking system for your vehicle. 

Slide Pins

The sliding pins that are there to keep the brakes and the wheels connected can become corroded, thereby preventing your caliper from moving back and forth as the tires on the rims revolve. In this case, the impact absorbance decreases; for the padded brake shoes, excessive acceleration is not good, either. We recommend a wire brush clean before you apply the grease to the issue. The cleaning process is also over. Ensure you don’t spray in areas that could be very important for rust to begin again.

Caliper Failure

If the uneven wear of your car brakes is something you have observed, it could be because of a caliper failure. The main purpose of brake pads design is to allow them to wear down evenly in order to provide uniform braking force for the driver.

Asymmetric wear of disc pads can occur if there is any metal-on-metal contact in the braking system, thus requiring a pricey repair. But, with upkeep, it can be prevented!

One of the options to deal with the issue is to undergo regular inspections with a competent repair dealer who will detect any problem at the early stage of development. Another idea is inspecting them yourself if you are an expert and know what you are doing, but do not forget to learn the tricks.

Rotor Thickness Variation

Did you ever wonder that the thickness of your brake rotors can be an essential factor that determines how fast your brake pads get worn out? Brake designers are creating pad parts that can run up to some 20,000 miles. 

Furthermore, the thinner the rotor, the level of the rotor wearing will be uneven and the rotor will be worn out much sooner. Thus, it is possible that you replace the brake pads once for every 10,000 to 15,000 miles in case you end up with uneven rotors.

What To Do With Brake Pad Wearing Unevenly?

If you are experiencing brake pads wearing down, the best thing you should do is to replace them. Whether the brake pads are good in condition or not, you should replace them in this situation. 

Continuing driving with uneven brake pads will affect your driving experience and result in further damage. With the replacement of brake pads, you will ensure that your brakes are working correctly and you may not face any problem while traveling. Choose the best brake pad so you can use it for a longer time. Eric’s Car Care is an auto repair shop in Houston that helps you get the best braking services for your car. 

The top 5 causes of brake pads wearing unevenly

Get Your Car Brake Pads Replaced By Erics Car Care

Uneven brake pads can compromise your safety while driving your vehicle. Thus, it is vital for you to get it changed before facing any consequences. Many people overlook this issue, which leads them to expensive repairs and replacements. So, don’t ignore this issue and get your car checked. 

To get your brake pad repaired or replaced, feel free to call us at 713-352-8058 to connect with our experienced mechanic

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