Do manufacturer maintenance schedules really matter?

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Do manufacturer maintenance schedules really matter?

Do Manufacturer Maintenance Schedules Really Matter?

Many car owners don’t go for maintenance unless something is broken or if the car is causing any issues. If you’re one of them, you might wonder do manufacturer maintenance schedules really matter. Following car maintenance regularly provides lots of benefits to the driver. Well-maintained cars have more resale value than other cars. It is also great for preventing problems that can become serious in the future if left untreated.

Most car manufacturers recommend maintenance services after a month or two because certain parts of your car need to be inspected after driving thousands of miles. It is essential to repair and replace a few things like tires, plugs, wiper rubber, and other worn-out components.

Benefits of Manufacturer Maintenance Schedule

Below are the benefits of a manufacturer maintenance schedule that you must know to keep your car safe and in better condition.

  • Problem Solved in the Start

With maintenance services, a minor car issue is fixed at the start. If a problem is ignored for a long time, it will become serious in the future and demand expensive repair and replacement. To avoid unnecessary problems in your car, maintaining it frequently is better.

  • Save Your Time and Money

Cars with poor maintenance cause lots of trouble and appear surprisingly. To avoid wasting time in the auto repair shop, address the problem before it becomes severe.

  • Enhance Driver’s Safety

Safety is the essential thing that needs to be prioritized. With a well-maintained car, you are safe on the road because you know everything works right in your vehicle.

  • Enhance Car’s Resale Value

The proper care of the car is reflected in the car’s condition. A well-maintained car always maintains better resale value than other cars. 

  • Record of Services

An automobile shop keeps a record of the services you have taken from them and schedules an appointment for the future.

Track of Car Maintenance Schedule

To keep track of the car’s maintenance, the best thing you can do is to read your car manual. In the manual, everything is explained in detail about oil changes, wheel alignment, and replacement of different car components. If you don’t have one, you can check it online or ask your mechanic to discuss the maintenance schedule. Many manufacturers recommend maintenance in two categories depending on your car.

Standard Maintenance 

Standard maintenance means regularly servicing your car, keeping the manufacturer’s guidelines in mind. Routine maintenance includes change of oil, filters, plugs, wiper blades, engine fluid, and wheel alignment. Drivers who drive a car for 10,000 to 15,000 miles (about 24140.16 km) can go for normal maintenance frequently. It will make their short commute more comfortable and safer. People who drive less don’t need to get detailed maintenance regularly; standard maintenance will be enough for them.

Detailed Maintenance 

Detailed maintenance is for those cars that demand extra care and repair. People involved in long-distance driving, off-roading, and heavy towing need a detailed car. More driven and old cars require more frequent detailed maintenance than other vehicles. This maintenance includes repair and replacement of car components along with standard maintenance.

Do manufacturer maintenance schedules really matter?

What to Expect in a Manufacturer Maintenance Schedule 

Most manufacturers schedule car maintenance when it is driven from 30,000 to 50,000 miles (about 80467.2 km), depending on its condition. A certified technician will explain to you the details of the services your car needs. Generally, you can expect the below services from the maintenance schedule:

  • Inspection of the braking system 
  • Engine oil change 
  • Filter replacement 
  • Refill or replace car fluid 
  • Inspection of car belts 
  • Spark plug
  • Inspection of wiring
  • Tire rotation 
  • Wheel alignment

Some of these services, like oil changes and wheel alignment, need to be performed before the car reaches 30,000 miles. After seeing your car’s condition, the auto repair shop will schedule your specific services.Eric’s Car Care can provide you with all types of car maintenance services that your car needs.

What Type of Maintenance Service Your Car Need? 

To maintain your car, the best thing you can do is to read your car’s manual. But you can ask your mechanic to explain if you don’t have one. A reliable mechanic will inspect your vehicle with advanced equipment that lets them know what your car needs now and in the future.

Do manufacturer maintenance schedules really matter?

Get the Right Services at Eric’s Car Care 

If you are ignoring your car’s maintenance services for a long time and want to get it serviced, we can help you to schedule maintenance service. We have trained mechanics who can inspect and maintain your car according to the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. You can make an appointment today by contacting us at 713-352-8058.

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