What are the Symptoms of a Bad Spark Plug in Your Car, Causes and Fixes in the USA?

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What are the Symptoms of a Bad Spark Plug in Your Car, Causes and Fixes in the USA?

What are the Symptoms of a Bad Spark Plug in Your Car, Causes and Fixes in the USA?

To maintain the good performance of the engine, it is important to keep the engine spark plug in good condition. A spark plug is an essential part of the engine that starts the engine by ignition. When there is an issue with it, or it wears out, it may start creating problems in the engine. When there are multiple problems in the engine, it may strongly impact the performance of the engine.

Moreover, with poor performance, it influences the fuel consumption of the vehicle. To know that your spark plugs are faulty, you’ll learn the symptoms of a bad spark plug in your car in this blog. So, let’s dive in! 

Symptoms of Poor Spark Plugs

Driving with poor spark plugs can be quite damaging to your engine health. It can initiate different problems in the car. Thus, it is always important to know the symptoms of the bad spark plug. Below are the common symptoms that most cars experience with bad spark plugs.

Rough Engine Starting 

A rough or unstable engine idle is probably the most common of all bad spark plug symptoms. The engine sometimes shudders or vibrates when the car is in the park or even when the car is standing. This situation is one of the most significant indicators that your spark plug is faulty. If you’re experiencing this fault, it is essential to get your car checked by a car engine repair services to avoid any potential damage.

Engine Misfiring 

The spark plug of the engine ignites the fuel to run the engine, it starts misfiring when there is a fault in the plugs. An engine misfiring means that one or more spark plugs have failed to ignite the air-fuel mixture. This may create a noticeable jerk while driving, and it often feels like the power has been lost. If you’re experiencing this situation, you might need to get it fixed right away.

Loss of Acceleration 

If the car is hard to accelerate smoothly and the engine snuggles when pushing down on the accelerator, it could be that your plugs have gone bad. 

Increase in Emission 

If your spark plugs are faulty, it will increase the emission that is not dangerous for the car but for the environment too.

Causes of Bad Spark Plug

Wear and Tear 

Spark plugs naturally wear out over time because they are constantly exposed to the high-temperature, high-pressure conditions within the engine. This wear could affect spark plug performance. 

Carbon Buildup 

These carbon deposits build up on the spark plug electrodes, making jumping into electrically charged air difficult and creating a strong spark. Generally, this build-up results from incomplete combustion. 

What are the Symptoms of a Bad Spark Plug in Your Car, Causes and Fixes in the USA?

Incorrect Spark Plug Gap 

If you use spark plugs that are too big for your car or install plugs with incorrect gap sizes, this can both prevent the engine from igniting and cause it to overheat.

Fixes for Bad Spark Plugs in the Car 

If you’re experiencing an issue in your car performance and you believe it is because of bad spark plugs, you should follow the tips below.

Regular Maintenance 

Follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to prevent spark plug problems. Changing spark plugs at the recommended times will help maintain peak performance. If you want regular maintenance of your car,Eric’s Car Care would love to serve you! 

Regularly Check and Clean Plugs

Inspect your spark plugs on a regular basis for wear or oil fouling and clean off the extra carbon that has been created. Many problems will clear up through cleaning or replacing them and you can use it for a long time. 

Use High-Quality Spark Plugs 

When you change spark plugs, buy top-quality or recommended by the mechanic for your car. It will work perfectly fine on your engine.

Address Underlying Issue 

Sometimes, plug problems come from a major engine issue that needs to be addressed immediately. It is important to seek a reliable mechanic who can thoroughly inspect your car and fix the issue at the start. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re experiencing a problem in the engine and can relate it to the symptoms of the bad spark plug, it is essential to replace it as soon as possible. Using bad spark plugs can initiate more damage to the engine that requires costly engine repairs. 

To avoid any costly expense, it is always better to get your spark plug changed by the recommended time. If you’re looking for a mechanic who can guide you about your car issue, you can call us at 713-352-8058 and connect with a certified mechanic today.

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