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Check Engine Light Flashing – Causes, Fixes, and Costs in the USA

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Dec 22 2023


Car issues appear when you expect the least of any problem while driving. If you experience a check engine light and it is constantly blinking, it is time to get it checked before it gets too late. The check engine light is a warning indicator that gives the driver a sign that there is an issue with any engine component.

It is advisable for car experts to get your car checked immediately if the check engine light is blinking. Most car owners ignore this indication by thinking it is the fault of the indicating system. But it appears when there is a major issue in the engine. In most cases, these include engine misfires, issues with censors, loose fuel caps, or any mechanical issues. In this blog, you’ll learn why is check engine light flashing and how you can fix it.

Causes of Check Engine Light

To know why your check engine light is flashing, you have to get a check engine light diagnostic. The technician will examine your car through diagnostics and help you know the right cause of your car's check engine light. To know what can cause your check engine light to flash, below are some points.

Misfiring Engine

One of the significant causes of check engine light is the misfiring of the engine. To run the engine, it requires enough amount of power. Misfire takes place when the engine can’t run properly. When there is less or no supply, it may need more power to run cause of the misfiring engine.

The main reason for a misfire engine is when there is an issue with the ignition. Ignition issues are caused when there is a problem with the spark plugs that generate power to start the engine.

Moreover, if your car is having an issue with the fuel system, that results in a misfire engine. When there is an issue in the fuel system, it creates a mixture of fuel and air that results in overheating.

Additionally, if there is a leakage of fuel or air from the engine, it may create a loss of compression. When the engine doesn’t get the right pressure, it results in engine issues.

Failure of Oxygen Sensors

When there is an issue or malfunction of sensors, it starts creating problems in the engine. To start the engine, the fuel is burned, and the system exhausts. The oxygen sensor monitors the exhaustion of oxygen and burned fuel. 

When there is an issue with it, it slowly starts damaging the engine's health and reduces the fuel average. To enhance the oxygen sensor's functioning, replacing it with a new one is important.

Loose Fuel Cap

If you experience blinking, check the engine light after fueling your tank; make sure the fuel cap is tightly closed. A fuel cap with a broken or loose cap can be the reason for an engine check light. If you see tears in the cap, go to the car repair shop and replace the cap with a new one.

But still, the indication stands: it is important to get the diagnostic test to know the real reason behind the light.

Problem in Catalytic Converter 

A flashing check engine light can also result because of catalytic converter issues. If this part of the car fails, it results in poor performance and fuel efficiency. This type of issue mostly occurs when there is excessive emission.

How to Fix Flashing Check Engine Light

If there is an issue with the engine, the auto shop will examine the car and see what the issue is behind the light. Most technicians use the following methods to fix the check engine light. 

Diagnostic Test

The first step your technician will take is to connect your car to the diagnostics scanner for trouble code. These codes have information that specifies the issue that is resulting in the flashing check engine light. The indication will be removed from the diagnostic scan if your engine has minor or no issues.

Below are the diagnostics trouble codes that appear when the check engine light is flashing. 

  • P0316: Detection of engine misfires on startup
  • P0301: Cylinder 1 misfire detected
  • P0302: Cylinder 2 misfire detected
  • P0300: Random or multiple cylinder misfire detected

Check Engine Light Flashing – Causes, Fixes, and Costs in the USA

Fix the Faulty Component 

Mainly, the check engine light appears when there is an issue with the component of the engine. After knowing the fault of the engine, the mechanic will repair or replace the engine components. Mostly, cars misfire or overheat because of faulty components. So, it is always better to replace the component with a new one.

Regular Maintenance of Vehicle 

To avoid any surprising check engine light, it is vital to get regular maintenance of your car. In regular maintenance, your car will be thoroughly examined, and car experts replace the malfunctioning parts that can cause issues in the car in the future. Regular maintenance not only keeps your car in good condition but also helps you in preventing potential damage to the car.

Cost of Fixing Flashing Engine Check Light

The most common question we get is how much does it cost to fix check engine light in USA, so our expert decides to answer this question briefly. The cost of fixing the indication may depend on multiple factors.

Diagnostic Scan: If the indication goes by resetting the system from the diagnostic scan, you have to pay the diagnostic scan charges.

Repair Cost: if your engine component needs repair, you may have to pay the repair and labor costs ranging from $30 to $ 150$ depending on the car issue.

Replacement of Parts: In most of cases, the replacement of parts is needed to remove the warning indication. The price of every component is different. Thus, you need to consult a repair shop to know the estimated cost. If you’re looking for affordable repair and replacement services. Eric’s Car Care is looking to serve you! 

Get Your Car Checked at Eric’s Car Care

You might experience a flashing engine check light, whether your car is new or old. If you’re worried that something costly, car expense is waiting for you. So, don’t worry. Get our affordable yet reliable services by calling us today at 713-352-8058

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