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What Does Check Engine Light Mean?

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Nov 29 2023


Check engine light is a warning sign that appears on the car’s dashboard when there is any malfunction in the engine. It is a meaningful sign that should not be ignored. It may indicate to the car owner that there is a problem with your car’s exhaust, ignition, or fuel system. When a person drives a vehicle and experiences a check engine light, they wonder what does check engine light means. 

Check engine light means that your car has an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. However, the issue can be minor but always pay attention to it because it can become serious with time. The engine light has three standard colors: yellow, orange, or amber, depending on the car brand. In this article, you’ll learn why a check engine light appears and how to deal with it.


Spark plug or Ignition Issue 

There is an ignition coil in the car that creates current to ignite the fuel to start up the engine. You may see the engine check light on if there is any issue with the spark plug or ignition coil. But if you have a diesel car, then this can’t be your car issue. As time passes, petrol-driven cars can give this issue that can be figured out through check engine light diagnostic

However, there can be various issues in ignition, like worn or fouled plugs, that can become the reason for engine misfire. With a diagnostic test, the mechanic can tell you what is the reason behind the malfunction of plugs and you can get it replaced by the mechanic.  


Issue in Spark plug Wires

A spark plug is connected with wires that transfer current to the coil to create a spark. The car can't even move from its place without a spark plug wire. The reason is fuel will not ignite in the engine. There are some of the newest models don’t have spark wires, depending on the model.  

But cars with spark plug wires may experience an engine check light if the car has a bad spark plug wire. With bad spark wires, the engine requires more force, which can affect the mileage and engine performance. Changing them takes a few minutes by mechanic, and you’re good to drive your car.


Poor Performance of Battery  

What Does Check Engine Light Mean?

The battery is one of the common components of the car that needs to be in good condition. When the battery is not changed for a long time, it may become the reason for the engine check light. You can't even start your car because of a dead or poor-condition battery.  

Try to change your battery within the duration your mechanic advised you. Now, some batteries can work for a longer time and require no maintenance. Changing a battery is easy, but you may need a mechanic to disconnect your battery and fix the new one by connecting the terminals. 


Failure of Oxygen Sensor 

There is a sensor in the car named oxygen sensor that monitors the amount of oxygen unburnt in an exhaust system. It provides information to the car’s computer to regulate the fuel. You may not experience any faults while driving, but it will consume more fuel and may experience poor fuel mileage.  

If you see an engine check light and are experiencing a poor fuel average, it is essential to get a computer diagnostic test immediately to know if your car needs the replacement of an oxygen sensor.  


Failure of Catalytic Converter 

A car exhaust system has a catalytic converter that creates carbon monoxide in combustion. Every car that runs on petrol has a catalytic converter. If the catalytic converter doesn’t work in order, it can become the reason for the engine check light.  

It is a simple car part that failure will not create lots of potential damage. But to keep your car free from sounds or poor performance, it is better to replace it. If your car is showing an engine check light, don’t worry. Get your computer diagnostic test from Eric’s Car Care to address the problem right away. 


Loose Fuel Cap 

If your car is showing an engine check light, the reason could be a loose fuel cap. The fuel cap is an integral part of the fuel system that helps to maintain the pressure in the tank. After filling up your fuel tank, you experience an engine check light. There can be an issue with your fuel cap, or you may forget to place the cap after filling the tank.  


Get Your Car Checked with Eric’s Car Care 

If an engine check light appears on your dashboard, don’t panic. Take your car to the mechanic. After a diagnostic test, the mechanic will diagnose and fix the issue. To book your appointment, contact us at 713-352-8058.

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