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Winter Maintenance Tips For Your European Car in America

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Feb 27 2024


When winter comes it brings its own challenges in the car. When the weather starts changing, it is essential to keep some best practices in mind in order to avoid any potential problems in the car. With proper maintenance of your European car, you can enjoy this winter without any surprising issues. During regular maintenance, they will check your car and replace your car parts to ensure better performance. To help you out, we have gathered some winter maintenance tips for your European car in America. So, let’s delve into the details!

Change Your Wipers

You should replace your wipers every six months. Besides that, it can be efficient when you face precipitation, either snow or rain. It is going to be drizzle rather than snow, and you will have to deal with that.

If you have to replace the wipers, you can go and do it yourself. Alternatively, you can get it replaced by regular European auto repair services. For the safety of your windshield, you should not wait too long before you change your wipers.


Check Your Heater

It should be good to go if your heater is up to speed and blowing hot air. In this cold weather, you need a good heater to maintain a warm temperature inside your car, 

You need to be on top of things as far as your car's heating system is concerned, not just for comfort but for safety as well. The heater has to be operational to maintain good visibility while driving. 


Always Check Your Tire Pressure 

The tires can lose air pressure if the road temperature is low. The extent to which this will occur depends on the temperature. It becomes increasingly essential to have tire pressure maintained as the temperature drops. Keep in mind that you check your tires every week, especially during the weather-warned months. 

Top Off Fluids

Driving during the winter is hard on your engine, which sometimes results in the condensation of moisture that creates steam. Check your fluids accordingly to see that they all meet the manufacturer's recommendations. Make sure you check your coolant, windshield wiper fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. It is also imperative to check the level of these fluids. 

In winter, most people don’t take care of the car fluid which results in multiple issues in the car. Therefore, check the fluids after some weeks and if you find it lower on the level, top it off. 

Monitor the Brakes

Snowy and icy roads are at their hardest on your brakes as they take a toll on them. Just as you monitor the braking performance continually this winter, don’t let it stop now. Keep on monitoring your brakes, and in case you see anything odd, let your mechanic check the braking system.

The braking system is the most important thing that should work well in the winter. With poor brakes, it can be challenging to stop your car on snowy and icy roads. 

Check Your Battery

The battery life in the car can be shortened by up to 50% under cold circumstances. Reduced ability to retain charge and an increased dip from the starting motors and other electrical accessories are among the main factors that directly lead to a car battery dying in the winter.

Winter Maintenance Tips For Your European Car in America

Inspect the battery terminals and wires for cracks, loose connections, and any debris or residue. The battery should be appropriately set for a winter road trip. In order to ensure that the battery is in good condition and that the vehicle maintenance is scheduled, it is advisable to have the battery checked and replaced if need be.


Heat Up Your Vehicle

Ensure that your vehicle will be able to work well during the winter period by avoiding long-term parking. You will need to take the steps to maintain your engine heat by running the engine in short bursts. On the contrary, kindly refrain from idling your car in the garage whether or not the garage door is open. Carbon monoxide is a silent and odorless killer. You are at risk of poisoning when you idle your car in the garage.

Here are some precautions you can take:

  • • Before you drive out of your car, please check if the garage door is up.
  • • Once you have switched on the vehicle, drive it out of the garage immediately.
  • • The space will be airy if you leave the garage door open.

Lighting and Visibility

Managing light during shorter days and longer nights becomes the key. Ensure the headlights, tail lights, and brake lights are all working and fog and hazard lights. Furthermore, the wiper blades and windshield washer fluid are the main tools for keeping your visibility safe during frequent rainy and snowy winters. People experience accidents because of invisibility. Therefore, make sure to use good brakes and fog lights. 

Regular Maintenance 

Regular maintenance is the key success factor to achieving maintenance planned at the optimum levels and to keep your European car in good condition. Regular maintenance includes car inspection procedures and scheduled service. In regular maintenance, you don’t have to worry about anything. The car care shop will thoroughly inspect your car and determine the small and significant issues. They will fix it on the spot so you can’t experience any unexpected problems with your car. Trust Eric’s Car Care to ensure your car always performs well and you experience safe travels. 

The Bottom Line

Maintaining your European vehicle is essential to enhance its longevity and performance. European vehicles have delicate systems that need extra cars, especially in winter. If you want to keep your car up-to-date, you can book maintenance services by calling us at 713-352-8058

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