Critical Effects of Misalignment on Your Car and Tires

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Critical Effects of Misalignment on Your Car and Tires

Stay In Line: The Effects of Misalignment on Your Car and Tires

When it comes to maintaining a car, most people include oil changes, filters, and topping off wiper fluid. But what about maintaining wheel alignment? Regularly maintaining car alignment is essential to the care of the car. If you experience different effects of misalignment on your car and tires, it is time to get your car inspected by a car technician.

Regular car alignment ensures better performance, efficient driving and prevents unnecessary tire issues. Additionally, car alignment increases safety and helps you save money in the future for major repairs and replacements. To prevent the issue in your car, it is better to consult an auto repair shop.

In this blog, you will learn the effects of misalignment and what you can do to fix the issue in your car.

Uneven Tire Wear 

Wheel alignment is an essential element of maintenance that needs to be checked regularly. If you ignore wheel alignment, you may see uneven tire thread that can reduce the life span. Car tires are expensive. If you want to increase their lifespan, you need regular alignment. With poor alignment, a car is forced to experience wear on the weak points that can damage the part of the axle and wheel. It can be a sudden failure that can happen while driving and cause a serious accident. To avoid any harmful accident, make sure to maintain your car with a professional car mechanic.

Steering Problem

When the wheel starts to move in a different direction, it is necessary to get it checked. You might be trying to keep the steering straight, but the vehicle veers in other directions because of misalignment. It can be dangerous for a driver that, can affect the driving experience and result in serious accidents. Driving in a city loaded with traffic can become difficult for a driver whose car wheels are misaligned.

Moreover, with the change of weather, the problem becomes more critical in snowy and slippery roads. Problems in steering shouldn’t be avoided, and it should be fixed immediately to prolong the tires’ health. 

Critical Effects of Misalignment on Your Car and Tires

Poor Fuel Efficiency 

When the vehicle is showing different issues, the first thing that is affected is fuel efficiency. A vehicle demands more force to maintain a consistent speed. If you’re experiencing poor fuel efficiency with some wheel issues, it is better to consult a certified technician who can fix the problem before it becomes big in the future.

The longer you wait to fix the issue, the more it will increase and end up costing you expensive repairs. At Eric’s Car Care, there are trusted and certified mechanics who can fix issues with their skills and high-quality tools. 

Signs of Bad Alignment

You are responsible for your car if it handles or mishandles. You will be at fault if someone gets hurt because of poor maintenance. To know when you should take your car for maintenance, here are some signs that you need to look for:

  • Off-Center Steering Wheel: The steering wheel of your car is the biggest indicator that can warn you about the condition of your car. If you find multiple problems in your steering, it means you have alignment issues. For a safe and comfortable drive, you need a well-maintained steering system that doesn’t go off-center while driving.
  • Vehicle Drifting: While driving, if you feel your car is pulling on the other side, you need to get it checked. Put your steering wheel flat and straight. If your steering drifts on the other side, you have an alignment problem.
  • Excessive Wear on Tires: Unaddressed bad alignment can result in tire wear that can damage the tire tread. If you have seen different wear on the tire, inspect your car from the mechanic immediately.
Critical Effects of Misalignment on Your Car and Tires

How Long Can You Drive Your Car with Bad Wheel Alignment?

If your car indicates some issue, do not risk it by delaying its maintenance. Poor alignment is not a problem that gets fixed on its own. It requires professional mechanics who can inspect the car, identify and fix the issue.

Car experts have recommended that you can drive with a wheel alignment for 5,000 to 6,000 miles. But if you find some alignment issue in your car, you can book an appointment beforehand and know the root cause of the problem.

Fix Your Bad Wheel Alignment with Eric’s Car Care 

If you are experiencing bad wheel alignment, don’t ignore it until it’s too late. Getting a small issue fixed at the right time is always better to avoid expensive repairs and serious accidents. If you want to fix the problem with your car, call us today at 713-352-8058.

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