How Long Can You Drive with Flashing Engine Light

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How Long Can You Drive with Flashing Engine Light

How Long Can You Drive with Flashing Engine Light

Car issues are mostly surprising that leave a person with stress. While driving, if you experience a flashing check engine light, it means your car engine has a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

If you are the one who experiences flashing check engine lights, don’t panic. Instead of panicking, get your car checked by a car expert. To know how long can you drive with flashing engine light, continue reading.

What is an Engine Check Light?

When there is an issue in the engine, the sensor of the car gathers signals, and it indicates to the driver by a sign appearing on the dashboard. Whenever a car has some engine issue, this warning sign appears to make the driver aware of the issue.

The light color of the check engine light can be yellow, orange, or amber, depending on the model of the car. The engine check light comes in two types: the still one and the flashing one. Both appear to indicate to get the issue fixed before any potential damage to the engine.

How Long Can You Drive with Flashing Engine Light

Reasons for Flashing Engine Light

Some of the common reasons for flashing engine lights are the following.

Misfiring Engine

The main reason why most people experience check engine lights is because of a misfiring engine. It takes place when the engine is not getting enough power because of faulty ignition or spark plugs. If the misfiring engine is left untreated for a long time, it may cause more damage to the engine and reduce its performance. Thus, getting the car checked before any serious damage occurs is always better.

Ignition Issue

One of the common causes of check engine lights is the issue in the car’s ignition system. For ignition there are coils that get in bad condition with time. This issue can create problems in combustion that directly damage the engine.

Problem in Emission

A flashing check engine light occurs when there is a fault or failure of the car’s oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor keeps track of oxygen and the burning of fuel. With this issue it reduces the fuel average and starts weakening the health of the engine. If there is an issue in the emission, you need engine repair services to get it fixed.

How Long Can You Drive with Flashing Engine Light

Consequences of Flashing Check Engine Light

Many people ignore the check engine light and prefer to drive as long as it stops running. But some serious consequences result from driving with flashing check engine lights.

Poor Fuel Efficiency

One of the first effects that a car experiences is poor fuel average. A person may experience poor average because check engine light decreases the performance of the engine. When there is an issue in the engine, the engine needs more power, which results in poor fuel efficiency.

Direct Damage to Engine

If the check engine light is left untreated, it may directly damage the engine. A check engine light may start with one issue, but not addressing it will add more issues to the car that will result in expensive repairs and replacements.

Risk of Engine Breakdown

A flashing engine light indicates that your engine will die soon. Thus, it is essential for you to address the engine issue immediately to avoid the breakdown of the engine. Fixing the breakdown requires costly repair and replacement of engine components that can disturb your financial situation. If you’re looking for engine repair services, Eric’s Car Care is the best choice in the town.

Enhanced Emission

A fault in the emission system of the car will produce more air pollution that is not harmful for the car but for the environment too. If you want an eco-friendly environment, make sure to get your emission system fixed.

How Long Can You Drive a Car with Flashing Engine Check Light?

Most people ask how long you can drive a car with a flashing check light. The answer is that you can’t drive a car with a flashing check engine light for a long time. Driving a car with a flashing light is an indication of great risk. Thus, you can only drive a car for only a few miles to avoid any potential damage.

The Bottom Line

Driving with flashing check engine lights can cause serious damage to your car. Driving with indication may cause potential damage that can result in the breakdown of the car. To avoid any damage or extensive risk, it is better to get your car checked by the repair shop. To book your appointment, call us at 713-352-8058.

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